Bedroom & Cupboard Case Study

The specification called for a perfectly balanced layout with a walk-in wardrobe &
maximum storage space.

We delivered...

a centrally located bed with built in floating bedside tables and a hood to create the feeling of cosy elegance. We designed an elaborate padded headboard and placed bevelled tinted mirrors in the hood with Studio Italia Rain Pendants hanging from the ceiling creating the illusion of warmth and opulence. Two sliding doors where built into the rear of the hood creating a natural barrier between bedroom and walk-in wardrobe.

Inside, two identical sets of wardrobes where set on either side of the bathroom entrance providing short hanging with five drawers beneath and long hanging separately in a unit beside, with a third pocket door providing privacy for the bathroom as required. As you exit the bathroom the shoe cupboard has floor to ceiling dressing mirrors for convenience and is flanked by alcove shelving for folded shirts etc. The external framework was done in burnt oak with grey ash internals, the doors were veneered in velvet grey sandalwood with bronze inlays and bronze frames around each door.  The overall result provides not only the requisite levels of storage but adds to the luxurious feel of bedroom suite in the most elegant manner.

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