Feature Wall Joinery Case Study

The layout of this four-story house provided a kitchen/dining room on the lower ground floor with a wide courtyard behind large glazed pocket doors.

We created...

a feature with ‘Wow Factor’ whilst reducing the visual impact of the courtyards 40-footwalls. Medici set about designing a jungle like theme which we proposed to mount on a reflective backing in order to create the illusion of additional depth. We bonded sheets of Medite Tricoya together to get the depth and had the design milled on a four axis CNC machine. Tricoya was chosen as it is extremely dense and waterproof so it would weather well in the elements. The pieces were then assembled on a backing board with polished stainless-steel sheeting. Standing six meters tall, the feature wall was flanked with planters running the length of the courtyard on either side with four-meter-tall black stemmed bamboo with the stems stripped to accentuate the contrast against the walls. The entire installation consolidated the courtyard space over both the ground and lower ground floor and created a significant talking point.

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